Central heating systems are expected to deliver hot water and heating 24/7 at the click of a button.

For your car to perform to the same level, it would require a service at least four times a year. However, we often find the central heating system is neglected until it fails completely.

Understanding the maintenance of ‘your’ heating system is fundamental in achieving the best possible performance and efficiency, whilst saving you money.
The boiler is the central point for all radiators and the link for hot water, this is the most important component of the central heating system and requires regular care
When it comes to installing a brand new boiler, we would always recommend to have your central heating system power flushed. It is important that all of the sludge and debris is first removed from the old system, as it could accumulate in the new boiler causing damage to your new system, reducing it’s efficiency.

The correct location of the boiler is essential in order to respond to the needs of your hot water and heating. Boilers can therefore only be relocated to a suitable position.
This involves the loosening and removal of built up grime, rust, lime scale and other debris from within your central heating system as water is reactive cold or hot.

Highly recommended before connecting a new boiler, particularly a condensing boiler as existing debris can damage it. All debris is collected by filters and cleaned.